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I've made a travel community for people that have travel related questions, or would like to have a travel proposal built to their specifications of what they want their perfect holiday to be like... I'd really love if people would join, or tell their friends about it. I really LOVE to build travel proposals and itineraries, and it would be a great way to keep up my skills in the time before I find that job!

Please promote the community, in your journal, to your friends... whatever! Anything would be really really great! Thanks everyone! :-)



So I was just wondering if anyone has had a ToyVoyager go "MIA"... and how long is a good time to wait before trying to contact a host outside of ToyVoyager.com ie: email and postcards?
Hey everyone Im a new member here. I recently became obsessed with ToyVoyagers after hosting Hermies, Sarah's TV. Now I have one of my own named Zeke. He is a zebra. i would love to host more so if anyone needs a host just let me know. My username @ ToyVoyagers.com is ashl_bee.

Well I jsut thought i would introduce myself!


I thought I'd write a message here for some of the people on toyvoyagers that are no longer available as hosts - and some of them are indeed on LJ as well... please lets all try to work and not loose any of our toys...

starbursidereus - starbursidereus
luvya - luvya
Ocean_Soul13 - ocean_soul13
shirleycr - shirleycr

I'm pretty sure we've heard back from ocean_soul13 but I think she's no longer available for hosting. There's also starbursidereus if any of you are friends with her, she currently has two toyvoyagers with her that she sent out - but got sent back to her and doesn't make any contact anymore? So any help getting those toys back or in contact with the mentors would be great...

Then there's luvya who I've never heard of - but she's on LJ as well... not much is known about her... but there's a few toys there captive as well...

Please let me know if any of your toys go missing, always make sure that you get in contact with the hosts before sending the toy out, get the email address, and have a bit of correspondence first... Loosing toys is so hard! I know personally, and I know a lot of you do as well! :-/

Our New Voyagers!

Day 38: Toy Voyagers, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

Hello, everyone!

I need a new hobby like I need a hole in the head but when I saw cathepsut's post on Toy Voyagers last week, I had to check it out, and I'm so glad I did. This is a such a great idea; just like Geocaching travel bugs (of which my son and I hosted more than 100), only without the hassle of looking for a cache that will hold them.

The TV account I created will be shared with my nine-year-old son, and our username is Raptor&Rex. Pictured above are our first three Toy Voyagers, who are just about ready to get sent out into the world to have some fun:

Fluffy the Owl

Cody Penguin

Stomp the T. rex

If you would like to host one of them, just comment here! They don't have itineraries yet, and would love to come visit you.

We're also looking forward to hosting a few TVs from other people, so if you'd like to send your voyagers to visit with us, please let me know. :) We would definitely show them a good time.

Oh ya!

My Wal-Mart near here has dog tags for $4! engraves then right there! So if your a make your own tagger, you may check out his corporate giant. :)

I finally rejoined

I lurked the other forum and eventually joined TV... my first voyager was Carl- http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=210629

Which was quickly followed by my other voyagers, Galaxy the My little pony who is traveling through the trading post club- http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=210648 (it took her a MONTH to get to canada.. is that wrong?) Twilight who I have been bad and not made a tag for yet, but is going to australia http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=210799 Beethoven, aka Toby who also needs a tag http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=210804 and Abeeku who is one county over! http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=210849

Im having loads of fun on TV, though I am new. Im always looking for hosts for my guys, so please if your interested, Im magickzzl on there. Im also more then happy tp host anybody and take them to goat shows :)

May. 2nd, 2008

Hello, this is AbbyB

These are my two TVs:

Yuri and Lemony

Yuri was my first TV, and is currently in Scotland, and Lemony was created by me (took about four or five hours) and just left Florida for Connecticut.

I have an idea for another TV, but I'm hesitant to buy it because I don't know how well it would be received. Ask me about it if you want.
Mood: friendly


I want to introduce my first (but not last) TV - Berlin Bear!!

Very light-brown, almost white bear (but not polar bear!)
Wears a warm brown scarf.
Clever, curious, likes reading, listening to classic music, visiting museums, palaces, castles.
Was born in Berlin (that's why he's called Berlin Bear - Berliner Bär in German), then came to Russia.
Favourite book - The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Favourite musical composition - In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg
Favourite food - Grütze
Favourite color - white

He has already visited:
1. spanks (Australia)
2. becka_kate (Australia)
3. annbear (Switzerland)

And at this moment he suddenly came home!!! We were very happy to meet him again!! But the journey must go on and Berlin is now sent to his next host:

4. Ocean_Soul13 (UK - Scotland) sent here

Then he's going to visit:

5. Mood (France)
6. A Scottish Lass (UK - Scotland)
7. spanks (Australia)

You can follow Berlin's adventures in his Travelog :)
So let's introduce ourselves... what are your TV's... and are they all out? have you released any into the wild? are you going to? what are some of your favourite life missions of your TV's and what are you favourite places your tv's have visited so far?

Lets get this going. :-)